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CORE Pickleball Pickleball Paddle and Outdoor Ball Set

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CORE Pickleball
CORE Pickleball - REACTB3
Pickleball Paddle and Outdoor Ball Set
All you need to start playing pickleball. 2 Reaction Paddles and 3 CORE Outdoor Pickleballs. Paddle: LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG the CORE Pickleball REACTION graphite pickleball paddle uses multi-layer construction, with an advanced honeycomb core, crafted from a lightweight and strong polymer. The advanced honeycomb design guarantees a lightweight paddule, without sacrificing strength. TEXTURED GRAPHITE FACE for a true hit and enhanced ball spin; the graphite face allows you to accurately place every shot, every time. The broad sweet spot combined with a fully balanced design provides a great all-around option for beginner and intermediate players. HIGH PERFORMANCE ULTRA-CUSHION GRIP manufactured from a dual layer polyester base and urethane coating allows for high-traction in all scenarios, with a gel base allowing for hours of play without fatigue. IMPACT-RESISTANT EDGE GUARD manufactured from an advanced lightweight and durable polycarbonate. The edge guard has a low profile on the face of the paddle to avoid mishits while fully protecting the paddle. Balls: BALLS THAT LAST - Play hard and play long with these reinforced outdoor pickleballs.